iPhone app to send a message ahead HANDS FREE while driving

Before you set off choose a destination and define a perimeter around it

When you cross the perimeter line your iPhone sends a notification ahead

Destination contact receives message:
"Joe is 1 mile away from Park Avenue"
What is it for?

On your way to pickup someone. You want to tell them you're nearly there but you can't take your hands off the wheel? OnMyWay can automatically send a notification to their iPhone. Handsfree operation detects when you are nearly there and sends a message ahead.

Ride sharing drivers. Give your passengers a heads-up that you are about to arrive at the pickup point. Set a destination, define a perimeter and invite your passengers to accept "I'm On My Way" messages from you. When you cross the perimeter a notification is sent through the Cloud so your passenger can be at the curb when you arrive. Set a pickup point once, turn it on when it's your turn to drive

Keeping appointments - When you are delayed by traffic let them know how far away you are

Parents picking up children. Send a notification when you are getting close so they're not left waiting outside while you are dealing with traffic

Husbands, wives, significant others. If you want your household to be prepared for your arrival set your home as a destination with a perimeter to trigger when you turn off the freeway. Let them know your almost home
How does it work?

Add an OnMyWay message to your Send List
  •     Enter a destination address and drag the range button to set a perimeter distance
  •     Enter a contact name and email address
  •     Tap the send button to email a permission request to your contact
  •     Your contact receives the email and adds the subscription to their Receive list
  •     The Send List saves your destinations for re-use

  • Use an OnMyWay message
  •     Make sure you have your destination selected your send list
  •     Select the Go tab to see the selected destination and activation perimeter
  •     Drive
  •     OnMyWay runs in the foreground or background
  •     When you cross the pre-set perimeter it beeps once to inform you, and sends a notification to the Cloud
  •     Your contact receives a notification, with your name and distance still to travel
  •     The receiver must be running OnMyWay, or the FREE OnMyWay Listen app
  •     Apps listen for notifications while in foreground or background
  • Can I send messages to users of other smart phones?

    OnMyWay can send regular text and email messages, but there are limitations
  •     iOS requires that you confirm your wish to send the message.
  •     OneMyWay puts a message on your screen but you have to tap Send so it's not completely hands free
  •     Email messages may not be delivered immediately

  • Download the app
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